November 2014 PF Con Analysis is Published!


Earlier this week, we posted our guide to debating the pro side of the November 2014 Public Forum debate resolution, “Resolved: On balance, the benefits of genetically modified foods outweigh the harms.” Today, we’re releasing the con side topic guide. It contains a discussion of key terms, strategy tips, and all the core evidence you need to build a winning con case. Get it now!


PF November 2014 Con Guide


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3 Responses to November 2014 PF Con Analysis is Published!

  1. Denmark Aleluya says:

    I am in need of sample materials for a debate competition. Thank you for lending me this material for free.

  2. KC says:

    These public forum debate guides are extremely helpful! I really, really hope to see one for January before the 17th! Please please please don’t stop updating the PF section 🙁

  3. Pat Gleason says:

    Please send me both pro and con for debate on genetically modified foods.

    Thank you,
    Pat Gleason

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