March-April 2016 LD Topic Analysis (+ Bonus Evidence Files) Now Published!- Middle East Democracy Promotion


The March/April 2016 resolution for Lincoln-Douglas debate is extremely broad, so we’ve prepared an appropriately gigantic file to match it!


We’ve prepared close to 300 pages to help LD debaters build their best possible cases for the topic:

“Resolved: The United States ought to promote democracy in the Middle East.”

Middle East map


Our free breakdown of the current resolution is chock full of strategic advice, expert tips, and tons of evidence covering all of the key issues for both the affirmative and negative sides of the Middle East democracy promotion debate.


Start winning more LD rounds now! Find our topic analysis below.


March April 2016 Lincoln Douglas Topic Guide- U.S. Promoting Democracy in the Middle East



You can also download just the evidence files, without the explainer sections, formatted for easy printing here:

March April 2016 LD- Middle East Democracy Promotion Evidence Files

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