Recommended Reading for Cross Examination

Space: The Free Market Frontier

Edited by Edward Hudgins For years, private enterprise has been poised to explore outer space and deliver benefits to people on earth — from perfecting new life-saving medicines to creating new food crops and operating floating factories for high tech innovations. But NASA’s bureaucracy has been floundering, erecting legal and regulatory barriers to entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of operating in space. 


Space: From Earth to the Edge of the Universe


By Carol Stott 

Featuring a wealth of incredible astronomical photographs, Space is perfect for anyone interested in astronomy, space imagery, and the history of space exploration. Space takes us on an imaginary journey that starts on a launch pad, goes toward the center of our Solar System to see the inner planets and the Sun, and then flies outward past the outer planets and on to the fringes of the Solar System. 

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The New Space Race: US vs. China


 By Erik Seedhouse

The world’s most populous nation views space as an asset, not only from a technological and commercial perspective, but also from a political and militaristic one. The repercussions of this ideology already extend far beyond Washington. China vs. United States offers a glimpse of future Chinese aspirations in space and the politico-militaristic implications of a looming space race, and explains why an interplanetary spaceship called the Tsien Hsue Shen might one day travel to the outer planets. 

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Emerging Space Powers: The new space programs of Asia, the Middle East, and South America  


 By Brian Harvey, Henk H.F. Smid, Theo Pirard

This work introduces the important emerging space powers of the world. With great historical detail, the authors trace the development and future of space programs around the world. 

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