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Space Topic Updates

The National Debate Coaches Association Open Evidence project contains thousands of free files from every major debate institute in the country!

Free Card Friday!

Free Card Friday is a service where we post free evidence the Friday before a major tournament. We focus on the most in-demand arguments and provide important new evidence to help update debaters. We have covered several hot topics this year, such as:

Space Weaponization:

American Hegemony:

Political Agenda (Politics):

Link Uniqueness:

Military Topic Updates

Korea Update

Check out an update of our Korea file here!

Iraq Updates

This file will help you debate uniqueness on an Iraq affirmative.

Afghanistan Counter-Narcotics Affirmative

This case decreases military deployment by ending all counter-narcotics missions in Afghanistan. This case has two primary advantages: insurgency in Afghanistan and government legitimacy.

Diplomatic Capital Disadvantage

The diplomatic capital disadvantage addresses the foreign policy implcations of the affirmative plan.

South Korea Affirmative

The affirmative case in this file focuses on South Korea and argues that the United States should phase out its military presence in the country.

Older Files

Enterprise Programs

This file will give you cards to create a case or counterplan based on Enterprise Programs.

Fiscal Discipline DA

This file includes a negative fiscal discipline disadvantage and affirmative answers.

States Counterplan and Federalism DA

This file includes a states counterplan which has the 50 states adopt the mandates of the affirmative plan to solve the case and a federalism disadvantage which argues the plan will upset the balance of power between the states and the federal government. The file also includes affirmative answers to the counterplan and disadvantage.

Community Health Centers

Download this file for affirmative and negative evidence on Community Health Centers.


This file contains affirmative and negative evidence on Medicaid for the poverty topic.

Taxpayer Choice

Use this file to build a taxpayer choice case.

Welfare Negative

Negatives can use this file against affirmative cases that expand welfare payments.

Trade Bad by Chris Burk

This file is useful in two major ways. First, it provides direct answers to many arguments found in the Trade Counterplan available from debate-central during the Fall 2007 semester. Second, it provides impact arguments against ‘free trade’ and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Aid Trade-Off Disadvantage by Chris Burk

Debaters can argue that aid to Africa will trade-off with aid to Pakistan with this file.

Soft Power by Chris Burk

This is a useful argument for affirmative teams debating agent counterplans. Only U.S. action can boost U.S. soft power.

Free Trade Counterplan 1.0 by Chris Burk

This counterplan will help negative teams argue that the United States should enact policies to facilitate more trade with Sub-Saharan Africa.


This file will help you in debates on the energy topic

Nuclear Energy

This file contains both affirmative and negative cards on nuclear energy.


This disadvantage argues that certain types of electrical power generation will make grid management much more difficult. This will lead to more blackouts and other disruptions causing the economy to suffer significantly.

States and Federalism by the Comet Debate Institute

This file includes a states counterplan and affirmative answers.

Global Warming by the Comet Debate Institute

This file will be very useful to debaters this year and includes cards arguing that global warming is good and global warming is bad.

RPS Affirmative by the Comet Debate Institute

Follow the link to a renewable portfolio standards affirmative case.

RPS Competitiveness Advantage by the Comet Debate Institute

Use this competitiveness advantage with the RPS affirmative posted above.

Energy Topicality by the Comet Debate Institute

This file will help you in topicality debate.

Carbon Tax Affirmative by Chris Burk

This 100 page file includes a 1AC and extensions!

Energy Topicality by the University of Richmond National Debate Institute

The University of Richmond donated this file to help you begin your research on the new topic!

Peak Oil Answers by Chris Burk

This file will help you on the 2008-2009 Energy topic!

Oil 2.0

This 50 page file will help affirmative and negative debaters win debates on oil. Chris provides cards on the in-depth discussions on the oil market that occur at the end of the year.