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Public Forum: North and South Korea and Anti-Missile System

2017 September/October Topic Area: Korean Peninsula  •  Resolved: Deployment of anti-missile systems is in South Korea’s best interest. Doug Bandow in The National Interest provides an overview of recent developments with U.S./South Korea relations. Both the U.S. and S.K. have relatively new Presidents … Continue reading

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K-12 Policy Reform August News

Notes on K-12 news and research with links to sources (most but not all with August publication dates). • “The newest advantage of being rich in America? Higher grades Escalating grade inflation at wealthy high schools is another blow to … Continue reading

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Federal Funding and Special Education Reform

“Trump Budget Would Slash Education Dept. Spending, Boost School Choice,” (Education Week, May 23, 2017), looks at changes proposed in federal education spending, but notes the largest: Grants for special education, which also go out by formula, get $12.7 billion … Continue reading

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A Federal Role: Establishing Restorative Justice?

Federalism seems a natural approach for education reform, as it might for transportation policy reform. The great majority of commutes to and from work by road or rail are within state borders, so why not have state and local government administer … Continue reading

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Where Do Federal Education Dollars Go?

Debaters looking to reform federal education funding or regulations should know where federal education dollars flow now. “Federal Education Funding: Where Does the Money Go?,” (US News, January 14, 2016), provides a recent overview with helpful charts. First US News … Continue reading

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Informal Schools in the U.S. and Developing World

James Tooley, a professor of education policy at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, traveled the world researching The Beautiful Tree and describes the popularity of informal schools for low-income families in India and Africa. In India, Nigeria, and Ghana, government officials explained to … Continue reading

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Federal Standards, School Recess, Food, and Drugs

Doctors have diagnosed increased Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in students, but critics suggest reduced school recess is a cause and increasing recess time is a better alternative to ADHD drugs. “Ritalin vs. Recess: Are Drugs Really the Answer to the ADHD Epidemic?” (takepart, … Continue reading

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