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Guest Post: Building a Core Narrative for Public Forum With Traditional Policy Tactics

  Today’s post is written by a guest contributor, Charles Fisher.  Charles is currently the Public Forum coach at Millard North in Omaha, NE. As a debater, he was a TOC Top Speaker in public forum in 2006, as well as a Nebraska … Continue reading

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2013-2014 Young Patriots Essay Contest Winners Announced!

  Thank you to everyone who entered the 2013-2014 essay contest! We received many wonderful essays, but we’ve finally narrowed it down to our three winners. Find out who they are and read their essays below the fold.

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Ask a K Hack: What’s the Difference Between the Capitalism and Neoliberalism?

  Welcome to the first installment of our new column, Ask a K Hack! Send us your kritik questions, and we’ll get you an answer from a top coach who is also an expert on the literature base you’re wondering about. … Continue reading

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Free Card Friday: Let’s Talk Inequality

  Today’s Free Card Friday takes a look at the issue of global inequality from a few different perspectives. You’ll find three useful pieces of evidence inside.

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How To: Win Debates Even When You’re Behind on Some Issues

  When I was judging this last weekend, I found myself repeating the same criticism to teams over and over again. It’s a technique that is particularly important in close debates, because it influences judges to resolve contentious issues in … Continue reading

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Free Card Friday: Development Assistance Good

  Today’s Free Card Friday is for the Public Forum debaters: two cards supporting development assistance. One says it’s key to military security, while the other relies on recent history to argue development assistance solves poverty. Both of these cards will be … Continue reading

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Got Kritik Questions? Get Ready For Our New Column: Ask a K Hack!

  We know lots of you have questions about kritiks. That’s why, beginning next week, we’re introducing a new column: Ask a K Hack!   Need help understanding Foucault, Nietzsche, or the cap K? Unsure about how to answer psychoanalysis? … Continue reading

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