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The One-Second Change That Will Dramatically Improve Your Speeches

  There is one change you can make to the way you give speeches that only takes about one second, but makes a huge difference. Skeptical? Read on.

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Uniqueness Controls the Direction of the Link: A Primer

  Have you been hearing teams throwing the phrase “uniqueness controls the direction of the link” around in your debates, and aren’t sure what it means or how to use it? Debate Central will help you demystify.

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Free Card Friday: Economic Growth & Environment- Both Ways

  Today’s Free Card Friday is a two-for-one: does economic growth destroy the environment, or save it? We have evidence for both sides.

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January PF Con Analysis is Published!

  Public forum debaters, here’s our guide to debating the con side of the January PF resolution, “Resolved: Development assistance should be prioritized over military aid in the Sahel region of Africa.” In it, you’ll find an introduction to the topic, discussion … Continue reading

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