Workshop Cuba Affirmative and Negative File

This weekend, we concluded our workshop series with one of the largest events in Debate Central history! We are so glad that so many of you were able to join us and take part in our free event. If you couldn’t make it, however, we haven’t forgotten about you. We’re posting the first of our evidence set below the fold, with more to come this week:


Cuban Oil AFF

Cuba Oil NEG – NCPA – paperful

The Cuba Oil affirmative and negative by UNT Assistant Director of Debate and Debate Central Debate Expert Louie Petit is a great starting point for your season of research. We hope this is a helpful pre-season tool! If you have questions, let us know in the comments! Good luck this season!

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Lauren Sabino is the Director of Youth Programs at the National Center for Policy Analysis. She currently administrates Debate Central, the largest free online debate resource.
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