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2010 Is the Deadliest Year for NATO September 30, 2010
The worst helicopter crash in four years killed nine people, bringing NATO fatalities in Afghanistan in 2010 to 529 and making it the most deadly year of the war that began in 2001.
NATO Must Succeed in Afghanistan September 30, 2010
After September 11, NATO invoked its famous Article 5, the pledge that an attack against one will be treated as an attack against all. Few thought to ask how a North Atlantic alliance conceived to contain Soviet expansionism could respond to a non-state threat in South Asia. Though the United States initially thanked its allies for their support, the invasion of Afghanistan was basically an American effort, assisted by local forces opposed to the Taliban.
NATO at 60: A Hollow Alliance September 30, 2010
NATO has outlived whatever usefulness it had. Superficially, it remains an impressive institution, but it has become a hollow shell — far more a political honor society than a meaningful security organization. Yet, while the alliance exists, it is a vehicle for European countries to free ride on the U.S.military commitment instead of spending adequately on their own defenses and taking responsibility for the security of their own region.
Opium and Afghanistan: Reassessing Counter-Narcotics Strategy September 30, 2010
How a Good War in Afghanistan Went Bad September 30, 2010
Sweeping miscalculations were part of a pattern of assessments and decisions that helped send what many in the American military call “the good war” off course.
Losing Peace in Afghanistan September 30, 2010
Afghanistan: A Symbol for Change, Then Failure September 30, 2010
Building a New Afghanistan September 30, 2010
Nato in Afghanistan: What Lessons We Are Learning September 30, 2010
Overall, the findings suggest that the ISAF mission suffers from a lack of coherent political strategic understanding of the mission, the tasks and strategy.