Spending Disadvantage

In keeping with our promise to post more free evidence at 100 “Likes” on Facebook, we have a new file to post! Today’s evidence packet, written by University of Texas at Dallas’ Director of Debate Scott Herndon, is a spending disadvantage — you can find the file below:

Spending Disadvantage

The spending disadvantage, a great generic option on this year’s infrastructure topic, gives insight into one of the core controversies over federal investment: Can the U.S. government afford infrastructure right now? What will the impact on the economy be? Take a look at this excellent example of a well-crafted disadvantage file, explore both sides of the issue, and let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

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Lauren Sabino is the Director of Youth Programs at the National Center for Policy Analysis. She currently administrates Debate Central, the largest free online debate resource.
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