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Summer Debate Camp Guide 2014: Institutes Offering Low-Cost Tuition and Scholarships

  Here at Debate Central, we know how helpful it is to attend summer debate camp. Camps give you the opportunity to get hands-on experience, run practice rounds, research next year’s topic(s), and receive feedback from some of the country’s … Continue reading

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Learning From the Best: The Importance of Watching Elim Debates

  There are plenty of things you do to improve your debate performance: hours of research, speaking drills, practice rounds, rebuttal re-dos. But you might be missing out on a key resource that is built right into the tournament: watching … Continue reading

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The Best Speaking Drills, and When to Do Them

  Speaking drills are an important component of preparing for your debates. Today, we’re going to introduce you to some of the best drills, and explain how each one will help you improve.

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The 12 Best Debate Tips We’ve Ever Heard

  In honor of February 12th, today we’re going to share the 12 best pieces of debate advice we’ve ever received. Read and absorb these nuggets of wisdom below.

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Guest Post: How to Become Autonomous in Your Forms of Argumentation

  This week’s guest blog post comes from Myra Milam. Myra is currently a senior at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, where she competes in NFALD debate. Last year, Myra was top speaker at the National Forensics Association college … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Building a Core Narrative for Public Forum With Traditional Policy Tactics

  Today’s post is written by a guest contributor, Charles Fisher.  Charles is currently the Public Forum coach at Millard North in Omaha, NE. As a debater, he was a TOC Top Speaker in public forum in 2006, as well as a Nebraska … Continue reading

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How To: Win Debates Even When You’re Behind on Some Issues

  When I was judging this last weekend, I found myself repeating the same criticism to teams over and over again. It’s a technique that is particularly important in close debates, because it influences judges to resolve contentious issues in … Continue reading

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