Big Changes for Debate Central!

As many of you have noticed, Debate Central has undergone a serious makeover in the past year. Don’t worry; your favorite features aren’t going anywhere! We’re still doing all of the same topic analyses, free files and skills-based lesson plans that make Debate Central the # 1 completely free resource for high school debaters in PF, LD, and CX! Recently, however, we’ve shifted our emphasis and want to know how you feel about it!

With social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook taking over as the most common formats for students and teachers to communicate, we made the decision to archive our forums. Although we are still proud of the work we did to maintain a place for you to communicate, share, and interact with our experts, we are excited to move forward with our newest methods of engaging with our audience.

The results are already encouraging — we’ve been responding to article requests we’ve received on Twitter, answered questions we’ve received on Facebook, and continue our successful “case critique” program wherein you can communicate with our experts directly via e-mail. We know where our stats stand, but we want to hear directly from you. What’s your favorite way to access Debate Central?

What's your favorite way to access Debate Central?

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About Lauren Sabino

Lauren Sabino is the Director of Youth Programs at the National Center for Policy Analysis. She currently administrates Debate Central, the largest free online debate resource.
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