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Free Card Friday: United States Influence in Latin America

  Today’s free card is for all the CXers out there. It is a piece of evidence arguing that the United States has failed to engage or invest in Latin America, resulting in an absence of American leadership in the region. This … Continue reading

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Ask a K Hack: What’s the Best Permutation to Make Against a Kritik?

  In today’s edition of Ask a K Hack, we’re diving into a common query: how to effectively leverage a permutation strategy against a kritik.

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Learning From the Best: The Importance of Watching Elim Debates

  There are plenty of things you do to improve your debate performance: hours of research, speaking drills, practice rounds, rebuttal re-dos. But you might be missing out on a key resource that is built right into the tournament: watching … Continue reading

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Get Debate & Leadership Training This Summer at Four Star—FREE!

  Debate camp is an invaluable tool for furthering your skills over the summer. But why not combine that experience with interesting excursions, leadership training, networking opportunities with notable people in a range of fields, and the chance to earn over … Continue reading

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One Easy Tip for Overcoming the Side Bias on the March PF Topic

  Across the country, PFers are grumbling about the side bias in this month’s resolution. Without a doubt, the most common comment we’ve received in March is “it is too hard to be pro on this topic!” The best research … Continue reading

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Free Card Friday: TPA Politics Disad File

  Hey, CXers! Just in time for this weekend’s tournaments, Debate Central brings you a brand new politics disad file! We have a TPA politics disadvantage, fully formulated and ready for use in all of your negative rounds. This position … Continue reading

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March-April LD Neg Topic Analysis is Posted!

  Building new LD cases? Make sure to download our neg topic guide to the March-April Lincoln-Douglas resolution, Resolved: Placing political conditions on humanitarian aid to foreign countries is unjust. Our analysis contains a discussion of possible negative strategies, value and criterion ideas, and all the … Continue reading

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