If you’re a┬áPublic Forum debater┬ástruggling with the complexities of the new legal topic (Resolved: The Supreme Court rightly decided that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act violated the Constitution), you’re in luck. We’ve just released our pro-side guide, which includes a complete guide to the resolution. It offers discussion of key terms, a strategy guide, and plenty of free evidence to help you build the pro case of your dreams. Find it below!


PF February 2014 Pro Guide


Once you’ve written your case, don’t forget to send it to us for a free critique from our experts! And tell us what you think of the new topic in the comments below.



  1. […] we released our topic guide for debating on the pro side of February’s public forum debate resolution: “Resolved: The Supreme Court rightly […]

  2. Sam says:

    You guys continue to post an entire aff and neg for PF. What about CX. You guys just post a card. What ever happened to those politics files you guys used to cut. That was awesome. I want that to come back.

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